Safety-Zone Ltd is committed to achieving equal opportunities, respects and values diversity, and is committed to applying equality of opportunity in all its practices and objective/service delivery with regard to ethnic origin, age, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital status and disability or any other criterion not relevant to the point at issue.

Robin Clark (MD) has overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy.

Robin Clark will bring to the attention of all customers of the existence of this Equal Opportunities Policy.

Reference to the policy should be included in the contract documents with outside individuals, customers and agencies.

Equal Opportunities Policy Implementation General activities of Safety-Zone Ltd.

As a provider of a service to individuals, customers and the community, Safety-Zone Ltd accepts responsibility to promote equal opportunities and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs. This document sets out the main consequences of this commitment and the action to be taken in order to achieve equal opportunities.

We will actively monitor all equality opportunity activities to ensure that we are serving the needs of all individuals, customers, communities and groups.

It is the responsibility of Safety-Zone Ltd to ensure that no one receives less favourable treatment than another on the grounds of age, ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status or gender.

We will encourage any organisation working with Safety-Zone Ltd to take positive steps to ensure that the needs of minority communities and disadvantaged people are met.

We will listen carefully to what people tell us they need from Safety-Zone Ltd and do everything in our power and within our resources to ensure their needs are met.

This policy will be reviewed every (three) years or when new legislation or best practice requires it.

Physical access

Safety-Zone Ltd training facilities will be reviewed regularly so ensure they are suitable for all those with disabilities. It is vitally important that Safety-Zone Ltd understand the full diversity of its clientele and others that for whatever reason the company works or collaborates with.


Robin Clark, Managing Director                                                                                                 

Reviewed on: 11th Sept 2023