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Training for very busy people!

E-learning training that employees actually enjoy!

You’d think that one-on-one training would cost a fortune and be time-consuming to organise. Well, it isn’t!

Our one-one tutor lead e-learning courses are packed with all the information your employees need to keep you business safe and compliant and they are always updated.

Our one-on-one tutor led interactive online training goes at precisely the pace required by each individual. It provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so every employee gets the optimum learning experience that’ll be retained and applied to keep your business safe and compliant.

There are huge time and cost savings to be gained by using our online training.

  • Can be completed wherever you are, in the office, on the train, or at home – great for employees in remote locations
  • Can be accessed any time day or night
  • Can be set up quickly and easily whenever an opportunity or need arises
  • Can be accessed on a desktop or laptop computer, ipad, iphone or similar
  • Can be a very quick and easy way to ensure that the right training is delivered to the right people regardless of their location
  • Easy way of accumulating CPD points
  • Fast and cost effective way to deliver training to large or small groups of employees
  • Can be used to maximise the use of down time
  • Huge choice of courses from health and safety, wellbeing, and mental health – and many other training needs
  • Save time and money – greatly reduced costs per course – eliminate travelling time – reduced loss of productivity and down time for training – improve effectiveness and flexibility.

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